Earth Day Celebration

Eco Club's Earth Day Celebration: Advocating for Environmental Conservation
Model Academy's Eco Club marked World Earth Day with a fervent call to action, urging students to become champions of environmental preservation under the theme "Planet vs Plastics."
A special assembly was convened, brimming with engaging activities like speeches, slogan writing, inter-house painting competitions, and environmental storytelling. These activities aimed to sensitise students to the importance of conserving natural resources and inspire them to contribute towards enhancing the beauty of our planet.
In addition to the assembly, the senior school actively participated in a cleanliness drive, gathering biodegradable waste from the school premises and its surroundings, echoing the message that "Every day is Earth day."
Addressing the gathering, Mr. J.K. Dhiman, Vice Principal, emphasised the responsibility to maintain green landscapes and blue skies, advocating for more trees and reduced pollution. He highlighted that such initiatives foster a generation committed to educating others and effecting positive, sustainable changes to protect our shared home.
The event, coordinated by Newton House and the Eco Club, epitomized Model Academy's dedication to environmental conservation and community engagement.