1. All students should come to the class in time. Late comers should not enter the class room without permission from the teachers on duty. Habitual late comers and irregular students may be asked to leave the school.

2. Leave of absence will be granted on genuine reason but only on application from parents or guardians concerned. Students who remain absent without leave must bring from their parents or guardians a note of convincing explanation. The parents should send an application to the class teacher for half day leave in the morning. However, they are requested not to ask for half day leave for their ward for trivial reasons. A student who remains continuously absent for 6 days without leave application, his/her name will automatically get struck off from the rolls.

3. Students absconding for one period shall be marked absent for the whole day.

4. After holidays, students should be present on the day fixed for the reopening of the school. Student not reporting to school on due date, are liable to be fined or struck off from the rolls.

5. Irregular attendance, repeated absence, skipping examinations or refusal to comply with dress, timing and fee regulations renders a student liable to dismissal.

6. Every student should devote enough time to study at home to prepare and revise his/her daily lessons.

7. Only those students shall qualify for appearing in the Formative and Summative Assessments who have at least class attendance for the full one month preceeding the date of commencement of the assessments. Teachers will not allow any student to take test or examination if he/she does not fulfil the criterion.