The school provides an effective platform for students to pursue different hobbies and give boost to their creative talents. Various functions and events are organised to celebrate important days and festivals and ensure maximum participation in these events.

Educational Trips are organized on regular basis to give students exposure in different fields like leadership, team building, life skills, etc.

It is mandatory for the students to choose one hobby of their choice from the various activities like Karate/Judo, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Aerobics, Dance(Classical/Modern), Painting, Yoga, etc. which have been introduced by the school for the benefit of the students. The students are also assessed for their performance in the hobby of their choice and are given grades accordingly.


The aim of Scouts and Guide unit of the school is to encourage the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of the students so that they play a constructive role in the society as responsible citizens.

The unit organizes various camps and activities like Pratham, Diwtya and Tritya Sopan for the students on regular basis. More than a 100 students have enrolled them selves in the scouts and guides programme of the school.

The unit also prepares students for Rajya and Rashtrapati Puraskar Tests. Many Students have won these coveted prizes on numerous occasions and brought laurels to themselves, their school and parents.

Scouts and Guides of the school also contribute in various social awareness programmes organised by the school.


The NCC Naval Unit of the school aims to develop qualities of Character, Leadership, Comradeship, Courage, and Discipline amongst the young cadets enrolled in the programme. The students develop a spirit of adventure, secular outlook and the ideals of selfless service by participating in a number of activities organised through NCC camps at various locations throughout the year.

The cadets learn boating, swimming, rigging, firing, ship modelling and about various means of communication at the camp. These cadets also perform various activities during the school functions.

Our NCC cadets have won various awards including the 'Best Cadet Award' numerous times at the annual training camps organised by the Naval wing of the NCC.


House Activities:- The purpose of the house system is to inculcate a sense of discipline and leadership amongst students and also to encourage participation of all students in every educational and co-curricular based programme.

The students are divided into four Houses viz:
1) Newton 2) Einstein 3) Edison 4) Darwin

The school organises a number of inter-house competitions where the houses compete as teams against each other in various events. Points are allocated to each house based on their placings at the end of every competition as they all vie for the enviable position of the "Best House of the Year'. These competitions also allow students to learn the importance of team work and to build on their leadership skills.

There are four main clubs for the overall development of students:-

ECO Club organises different activities with a goal to create groups of responsible individuals who have knowledge, awareness and commitment to meet the challenges of nature conservation, environmental protection and related issues.

Drama Club provides a platform to channelise the untapped potential of our budding artists in dramatics.

Heritage Club inculcates respect and affection for heritage and concern for its protection and conservation among children.

Interact Club through its service based activities helps lnteractors demonstrate helpfulness and respect for others, understand the value of individual responsibility and advance international understanding and goodwill.

Student Council

The Student Council is an important student - led body of the school and serves to engage students in meaningful leadership roles. The student council is the voice of the student body. They help share opinions as well as generate ideas on various matters affecting their learning, well-being, and welfare. It provides students an avenue for identifying a variety of issues affecting them and suggesting innovative yet implementable solutions. The council also suggest improvements, ensures that students make responsible decisions, and learn about teamwork. The student council works closely with the school heads, staff, and with all branches of academic faculty for organising different events throughout the year by taking into consideration academic deadlines. They promote the mission and vision of the school and develop and broaden their understanding of democracy and leadership as they actively partake in various activities that foster the image of the school environment. Student council members take a pledge to fulfil their duties and responsibilities with utmost sincerity and dedication committing to devote their time and energy to help students, teachers and support staff to the best of their ability, and ensuring orderly, disciplined and enjoyable interactions in school. The Student Council consist of a Head boy, Head girl, Vice-Head boy, Vice-Head girl, House Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Class Representatives.
The purpose of student council is:
- to officially represent all the students in the school.
- to maintain strong communication between the students and the school administration.
- to mentor and support fellow students.
- to maintain discipline among students and enforce the code of conduct.
- to understand student needs and concerns and communicate them clearly to the concerned authorities.
- to identify problems, suggest solutions and improvements.
- plan and organise various events.
- to organise fundraisers for various causes and events.
- to promote harmonious relations throughout the school community.

MIER Cricket Academy

MIER Cricket Academy started in the year 2016 with the sole aim to promote the game of cricket among the aspiring youngsters from grassroot level through a fun and innovative environment. The students are encouraged to take cricket as a hobby that gives the right push for a flourishing future in the game. For the overall development of the young cricketers, strength improvement exercises, mini-tournaments and sessions with specialists are organised based on the ability, age-group, and expertise level of the players. To cultivate competitive spirit among the students the academy ties up with other local academies of the city from time to time and holds regular matches with academy players. The academy is fully committed to nurture and prepare young talents in the best possible way.


The mission of the academy is to ensure that all its players get the best possible opportunity to showcase their skills at the highest level.

The Academy enrols students in the age group of 8 to 16 years.

Mr. Deepak Dogra, a national level Ranji cricketer is the head coach of the academy and a very well-known name in cricket fraternity with more than 10 years of cricketing experience.

- holistic development programme for aspiring cricketers
- physical and mental development through guided supervision of experts
- cemented practice pitches
- modern training equipment
- visits and talk sessions by experts
- regular practice matches
- video-based technique analysis