A composite science laboratory ensures that our young scientists move beyond book learning, explore and discover the secrets of science through experimentation and observation. They are encouraged to understand the essential concepts of physics, chemistry, biology and test the validity of theories for themselves. By working in the labs students learn how to make a scientific argument by methodically conducting experiments, analysing, reviewing, reporting results and developing logical reasoning. The science labs have all the necessary equipment, apparatus, manuals, charts, models, slides and specimens as per the syllabus of each class. Our competent and dedicated faculty and lab assistants supervise all the lab activities. Appropriate precautions are taken to minimise accidents. First-aid kits are available in all the labs along with fire extinguisher. All safety procedures are followed during experimentation.


Computer Lab
There are two state of the art Computer Laboratories in the school. They are equipped with computers and accessories in tune with the latest technologies and have a dedicated broadband Internet connection to cater to the educational needs of the students.

There are 45 computers in the two labs along with the latest licenced versions of the educational and computing software required for the students

Math Lab
The school Math Lab has been set up with an objective to make students learn the various mathematical concepts using over 1000 colourful collaborative activities. The lab caters to the learning needs of students from class 1st to 10th and provides hands on experience for the students. Through visualization of math concepts in the lab the children relate to difficult concepts in mathematics more easily. This enhances their grasping capabilities and improves their memory.


In order to function successfully in today's knowledge-based and constantly changing technological, social and economic environment, it is paramount to hone the literacy skill, critical thinking abilities and the acquisition of knowledge of the students. The school has well-equipped air-conditioned, fully automated library to introduce the students to the beautiful world of books and to inculcate good reading habits. The library houses more than 12,000 volumes which include books, reference books, study support materials like magazines, newspapers and many other resources. It provides students and teachers with wide range of journals, encyclopaedia, general knowledge books and internet facilities to enrich their classroom activities and knowledge. Besides this, the library also has an ever-growing number of books available in various languages which support our mother tongue program. Primary and Secondary school libraries play a vital role in enhancing the skills of learners and supporting the needs of professional development of educators to empower lifelong learning. Pre-primary to class third also have their own class libraries and each class has one library session every week for reading appreciation. Students also participate in story time and other fun reading activities. All new books and arrivals are put on display for a month and reviews put on the noticeboard.


The school has Technology Enabled Classrooms right from preschool to 12th standard. The TeachNext smart classes set up in the classrooms with interactive boards has helped to revolutionise the teaching learning process and made it more interactive, interesting, and effective. Next Education's award-winning Optimal Digital Classroom Solution is employed effectively by all teachers who are given expert training frequently to update their technical skills. The digital content is created to suit the interests of all the learners which helps them to comprehend difficult concepts, develop interest in various subjects, satisfy their curiosity and make the classroom learning environment livelier and more fascinating. The Smart Class programme is run through a knowledge centre which has a repository of over 25,000+ digital content in different subjects in the form of presentations, animations, real life videos, question bank, interactive exercises, and assessments. The cutting-edge technology and the state-of-the-art classrooms surely set the school on par with high and global classrooms.


The school received a prestigious grant from the Niti Aayog, Government of India, to set up Atal Tinkering Laboratory (ATL) in the year 2017 with a vision to 'cultivate one million children in India as neoteric innovators'. The aim is to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds and inculcate skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc in children. ATL is a workspace where children give shape to their ideas with the help of technology. It has educational activities, 'do it yourself' learning kits and equipment on science, electronics, robotics, open-source microcontroller boards, sensors, and 3D printers etc. Young children get opportunities to explore various aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and come up with innovative solutions to problems of the society. Students from other schools who do not have ATL facilities are also invited to enhance their scientific temperament. Students get an opportunity to have hands on practical experiences about the concerned subjects and implement their thoughts and ideas into a project under the active monitoring of experts. The lab is a brilliant way to bring the do-it-yourself culture to the forefront, encourage and motivate students to become solution providers and get engaged in self learning that will not only lead to the development of higher order thinking skills, but we eventually lead to discoveries, innovations, and inventions.


Since the medium of communication in our school is English, much emphasis is laid on the acquisition and development of English skills language among the students. With this view we have established a fully computerised Wordsworth English language lab which comprises a master console, more than 40 computers, headsets and microphones. The aim of the lab is to assist the students in attaining proficiency in English language and develop effective communication skills. The lab is designed for students of classes 3rd to 9th. It facilitates students' learning via computer-based exercises and activities to maximise language immersion. With the help of this software students get an opportunity to improve their pronunciation, knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and semantics of speech in a stimulating environment that is devoid of regional influences. A very comprehensive and interactive digital content catering to listening, speaking, reading and writing is put to use. The students learn and develop their skills in the above said fields under the guidance of highly qualified language experts. The language lab is a platform that provides a unique experience from the traditional system of teaching and learning by offering more advanced features and functionalities.