School Leaving Certificates will be issued only on application in writing from parents or bonafide guardians. Such applications should be made normally one month before the intended date of withdrawal. No School Leaving Certificate will be issued during vacation / holidays or till the dues are not fully paid. If any parent wants to withdraw his ward from the institution, he shall be required to pay the fee for the month in which he had applied. In addition, a service charge of Rs 200/- shall be charged for issuing the discharge certificate of the ward.

On the other hand if the school authorities determine that the particular student must be taken off the rolls of the school on Grounds of Discharge, the institution may serve in writing a notice giving not less than one month duration to the parents to enable him to withdraw his ward from the school.

If the name of a student is struck off on account of continued unauthorized absence for a period of six days or more, he may be readmitted at the discretion of the school authorities by depositing the prescribed re-admission fee besides the fee for month for which fee has not been paid.


1. Every student seeking admission in the school is required to deposit security, which will be refunded in full (without any interest) at the time of leaving the school provided the length of stay in the school is two years (or two academic sessions) or more. However, Rs. 100/- shall be charged as service charges for processing the case for the refund of security which shall be paid against the receipt along with the application for refund.

2. The amount of security deposited shall be refunded on fulfilling the following conditions :

i) The applicant student shall not discontinue his/her studies in this school on any ground except transfer of parent/guardian or migration of the family.
ii) The original receipt should be attached with the application for refund. Parents are advised to preserve the original receipt without which refund cannot be claimed. Alternatively, in case of non- production of original receipt, security shall be refunded on the submission of affidavit sworn before a public notary on a non-judicial stamp paper and verification by the account section.
iii) School Leaving Certificate issued by the institution on the basis of 'No Dues Slip' issued from the school office should be produced to confirm that all dues and outstandings till date have been cleared regarding library, laboratory, class fines, school fees, NCC and other sports dues etc.