1. Irregular attendance, habitual inattention to school work, obscenity in word or act, insubordination to school authorities, transgression of the rules given in the Diary, cheating or any other misconduct, even outside the school premises, infact any behaviour considered by the Principal not suitable to the tone and general good of the school, are sufficient reasons for punishment, fine and even dismissal of the offender.

2. It is compulsory for all students to attend the Assembly in the morning.

3. Students are requested to carry their respective identity card and House badges as a matter of habit.

4. All students are expected to speak softly and only in English while in school.

5. A good ambience and clean environment always help us in our studies. The students are requested to maintain their classrooms in neat and clean state.

6. Students are entirely responsible for their personal belongings. The institute and its management will not have any responsibility in case of loss of any such personal belongings.

7. We insist on high standards of discipline and hence we expect all our students to conduct themselves with grace and care. Students should not do anything that could result in damage to the institute's furniture, fittings, fans, electric switches, CCTV cameras, etc. Damage done by students to school property will have to be made good by them in manner determined by the school authorities.

8. Students should be clean and tidy in their person and dress, respectful and obliging to their elders and companions. Girls are not allowed to wear bangles, anklets, henna, tattoos, eye make-up and nail polish to school. Boys are not permitted to wear bracelets, ear studs, chains, friendship or other bands to school. In the classroom, beside paying attention to cleanliness and personal bearing, they should create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to serious study.

9. Students are requested to maintain perfect SILENCE not only in the classrooms but also outside the classroom, while moving in the corridors and in and around the washrooms.

10. Students are not allowed to bully or intimidate other students, staff or teachers. In case of any problem, they are encouraged to contact the Counsellor and/or the Principal for the redressal of complaints.

11. Students are requested not to leave their classrooms without a class pass and teacher's permission for short breaks.

12. During school hours, no student should go out of the school premises unless permission has been granted in writing and a gate pass. Any student seen loitering outside shall be subject to disciplinary action against him/her. They must possess their Identity cards on their person at all times.

13. Avoid rushing and pushing others, follow the queue system.

14. The school shall not be responsible for the goods or money which is lost in the school premises. It is advisable not to bring valuables like expensive watches, pens, jewellry etc. to the school.

15. Pupils are not allowed to receive phone calls during class hours. In exceptional circumstances message can be left in the school office which will be passed on to the pupil. Gadgets that interfere with learning or are a safety risk will not be allowed in school. These include cell phones, personal computers, iPods, electronic gaming or telephonic devices, play stations, sharp objects etc. Disciplinary action will be taken against offenders.

16. Books other than school books, periodicals, news papers, transistors or other things not approved by the Principal should not be brought to the school.

17. All students shall bring the school diary on a daily basis and should neatly cover their notebooks/ practical files/ workbooks with proper labels.

18. Children have no permission to attend processions, parties, to go to the cinema or to a friend's house on their way home from school.

19. Children travelling by the school bus must carry ID card with them daily, signed and dated and produced by them on demand.

20. When the Principal or teacher enters a classroom, students should stand up respectfully, greet him/her and remain standing till they are directed to sit. They will do the same when he/she leaves the class room. When the attendance roll is taken, each student should stand up and answer respectfully and also do likewise when he/she is being addressed by an elder.

21. No collection for any purpose what-so-ever is to be made without the prior permission of the Principal. Presenting of gifts to any member of staff on any occasion by the students is prohibited.

22. Students should not leave classes for the payment of fee, purchase of stationery or articles from canteen.

23. In the interest of their own safety students are discouraged to come to the school by two wheelers. Those who have valid driving licences may use their vehicles. However, they are not allowed to park their vehicles inside the premises of the school. They must wear a helmet as a protective gear.

24. The school authorities reserve the right to refuse the entry of any person including students from the main gate of the institution.

25. In case of any suspicion the security staff has been authorised to search any person entering the school premises.

26. Children can celebrate their birthdays in school by distributing candies / chocolates to their classmates and friends. No other celebration is encouraged.