Pravesh Training Camp

Bharat Scouts& Guides wing of Model Academy School recently organized a two day Pravesh Training Camp on 29th and 30th April in the MIER campus. The inaugural session was graced by Mr. Pramod Kumar Srivastava, the Principal, and Mr. J.K. Dhiman, the Vice Principal. The camp saw the enthusiastic participation of 30 Scouts and 30 Guides, guided by mentors Mrs. Veena Vaid, Mrs. Deepika Soni, Ms. Neeru, and Mr. Imran.
Focusing on key elements such as the history of the movement, prayers, promises, laws, signs, salutes, mottos, and good deeds, the camp provided invaluable learning opportunities for the students. They were also given information about the BSG flag, prayer and song. It was a well-rounded experience aimed at nurturing character and instilling the values of the Scouts and Guides movement.