World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day
Heritage Club of Model Academy, the prestigious school of MIER celebrated World Heritage Day with an aim to raise awareness among students about the diversity of India's rich cultural heritage and to sensitize them towards their role as the custodians of our cultural legacy.
Moving with the theme, "Discover and experience diversity,” a special assembly was organised wherein students participated in slogan writing, fancy dress competition and poem recitation.
Mrs. Akriti Jamwal, a member of the Heritage Club, emphasized the historical significance and importance of the day.
Principal, Mr. P.K.Srivastava, complimented the efforts put in by every student and also contribution of teachers for the insightful assembly. He also motivated the students to take a pledge to preserve the culture and heritage of our nation.
The observance of this day instilled in students a sense of responsibility to safeguard and maintain our heritage for the benefit of future generations.
The program was conceived by Mrs. Preeti Trial, Convener Heritage Club