World Book Celebrated

World Book Day, dedicated to fostering a love for reading, serves as a gateway to countless experiences and destinations encapsulated within the pages of books. Recognising its significance, Model Academy, a flagship institution of MIER, organised a series of engaging activities to commemorate this special day.
Students immersed themselves in activities like bookmark making, puppet crafting, story characterization, and staging short skits, all centered around the theme "Love Books as Your Friends."
Mrs. Neetu Bharadwaj, from the Primary Wing, emphasized the significance of books as portals to the world's vast knowledge and experiences.Echoing the sentiments, Mr. P.K. Srivastava, Principal, emphasised that reading is an invaluable investment with profound returns, emphasising books' status as faithful companions. He urged both students and teachers to prioritize reading in their daily lives.
The event, themed "Read Your Way," left students inspired and eager to delve into more literary adventures. It proved to be a blend of fun and learning, reinforcing the timeless importance of books in enriching lives.
Einstein House and the art department collaborated seamlessly to orchestrate the event, ensuring its success and impac