Inclusive School

MIER College of Education under the auspices of the Department of Special Education started a Special cum Inclusive school in the year 2013 at Model Academy Jammu for educating students with special needs. The idea behind setting up of Inclusive school was to ensure that students with special needs gain access to information, knowledge, skills and quality education in their own area of specialisation. It has in turn facilitated the parents of children with special needs to have a normal life and acceptance in society a reality. The Inclusive School focuses on teaching and preparing students with diverse learning disabilities so that they can interact with regular students in the school from time to time there by being included in the main school setup.

Inclusive Team

  • Dr. Rohnika Sharma HOD, Associate Professor, UG Deptt.M.Ed., M.Ed. Special Education (MR), Ph.D.
  • Mr. Kuldeep Singh Assistant Professor, UG Deptt.M.Ed. (ID) Spl., Pursuing Ph.D.
  • Ms. Surbhi Mahajan ,Special Educator
  • Ms. Meenakshi Kumari, Special Educator
  • Ms. Kavita Gupta, Special Educator


Admission policy at our school, Model Academy is driven by inclusion of all students without any isms there by enhancing inclusive education leading to an all inclusive society which is the need of the hour.

  • It is mandatory for parents to fill up the admission form with all relevant details and documents to be reviewed by the admission cell.
  • Submission of formal assessment report by a clinical psychologist, paediatric or other specialist along with disability certificate by the parents is mandatory.
  • The admission process comprises of formal screening of a student using Case Record Performa which includes medical history, behaviour, cognitive and social issues, environmental factors and developmental mile stones, by the Head of the Department and Incharge Special Educator.
  • Formal interview of a parent along with the child with the school administrators is taken for final admission.
  • Preparation of assessment report of a child is prepared by a team of special educators.
  • The assessment report recommends whether a child can be enrolled in the regular school or in special school setup.


Resource Room Setup

The inclusive set up provides resource room services where students from the regular school with educational/learning difficulties, such as specific learning difficulties in Reading (Dyslexia), Math (Dyscalculia) , Writing (Dysgraphia) etc. are pulled out of their classrooms and given direct, specialized instruction, academic remediation and assistance after school hours by the special teachers.

Rehabilitation Centre

The Rehabilitation Centre on campus provides various services such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Pre-Vocational Training. It has several machines and devices to assist students in improving their gait, posture, walking and moving from one spot to the other with assistance by a trained physiotherapist. Music therapy sessions are also conducted for students. It is used to develop sensory perceptions and psycho motor skills. It provides a platform through which children who are unable to speak can express their feelings, ideas and emotions.

Life Skills

The instruction in inclusive school includes a lot activities of daily living (ADL) which are designed to provide children with skills they need to function in their everyday life and make them more independent and self-reliant. Apart from fun and enjoyment these activities are great for developing and improving disposition, concentration and coordination. Activities like brushing, bathing, grooming, oral care, feeding, toilet training, dressing, sandwich making, currency sorting etc. play a major role in a child's overall functional development.