Learning Resource


To introduce the students to the beautiful world of books and to inculcate good reading habits in the students, the school has three libraries one each for the primary / middle wing, secondary wing & the senior secondary wing.The library has been fully automated by using state of art library management software and entire process of issue, receipt, accession, generating reports etc. now stands computerised. The school library is well stocked with over 6000 books that cover all academic subjects. Besides this, there are a number of storybooks, encyclopaedias, and General Knowledge books covering all genres. A reference section is also available for teachers and students. Computers and Internet connection have also been provided in the library

Science Labs

The science labs in the school are well equipped with apparatus and chemicals and provide first-hand experience of all practical activities to each student. These labs have a unique collection of charts, models, slides and specimens as per the syllabus of each class. By working in the labs students learn how to make a scientific argument, conducting experiments, reviewing them closely and developing logical reasoning. 25-30 students can be accommodated at a time in each lab. During the practical periods, each class is divided in to two groups for easy supervision. There is a well- qualified lab assistant who helps the teacher in demonstrating experiments or apparatus for the students.

Technology Classrooms

The school has Technology Enabled Classrooms equipped with Interactive Boards & Plasma TVs to make the day-to-day teaching learning process in the classroom more interactive, interesting and effective. These classrooms equipped with latest ICT tools help the students to comprehend difficult concepts, develop interest in various subjects, satisfy their curiosity and make the classroom learning environment more lively and fascinating. The Smart Class programme is run through a knowledge centre which has a repository of over 35000 digital content in different subjects in the form of Presentations, Animations from Designmate, Videos from Britannica Encyclopaedia and Discovery Channel etc.

Computer Lab

There are two state of the art Computer Laboratories in the school. They are equipped with computers and accessories in tune with the latest technologies and have a dedicated broadband Internet connection to cater to the educational needs of the students.

There are 40 computers in the two labs along with the latest licenced versions of the educational and computing software required for the students.

English Language Lab

Model Academy becomes the first school in Jammu to have a Tablet based English language lab for improving the communication skills of its students. The tablet-based solution by LIQVID, which is India�s leading language skills development company, provides complete control in the hands of the teacher. The teachers is now able to provide individual attention to each student, and decides the pace of the lesson.. Student Tablets can connect to Teacher�s Tablet wirelessly, enabling close teacher - student interaction in �Real Time�.

Math Lab

The school Math Lab has been set up with an objective to make students learn the various mathematical concepts using over 1000 colourful collaborative activities. The lab caters to the learning needs of students from class 1st to 10th and provides hands on experience for the students. Through visualization of math concepts in the lab the children relate to difficult concepts in mathematics more easily. This enhances their grasping capabilities and improves their memory.