The School prepares students for the Secondary (Class X) and Higher Secondary (Class XII) examinations of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

The students are offered the following combinations of subjects:

Classes I - VII

The curriculum of XSEED is built on a bank of 8000 researched; structured, and highly detailed experiential lesson plans for every concept. Teacher and students are clear about the learning of the topic at the start of the class

Subjects offered for Classes I to III are English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS and Computer and for Classes IV to VII are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Computer

In order to inculcate moral values and to improve general awareness of the students, Moral Science and General Knowledge classes are also held.

Classes VIII to X

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Biology and Chemistry), Social Science (History, Civics, Geography) and Computer Science are subjects offered.

Moral Science and General Knowledge classes are also conducted up to class VIII

Classes XI & XII (Streams Offered)


  • Medical: English, Physics, Chemistry, Biologyo Medical: English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Non-Medical: English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

  • Class 11th: English, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies
  • Class 12th: English, Office Management, Factory Organisation, Principles of Management, Accountancy

  • Class 11th: English, Economics, Sociology, Education/Psychology
  • Class 12th: English, Economics, Sociology, Education/Psychology

Besides the four compulsory subjects, students need to choose a fifth subject from the optional category.

Optional Subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Information Practices, Business Maths, Physical Health Education, Environmental Science, Political Science, History etc.